About Us

We are artists, experts, developers, designers, engineers who creates astounding mobile applications for people.

We are Lemnos

We are an innovative mobile app development studio founded in 2013 by tech enthusiasts. All throughout these years we have programmed and designed more than 30 ultimate mobile apps, and we do not stop on what we have achieved: progress and innovation is our motto.

Based in Sydney, our mobile app development experts cannot imagine their life without programming: this is what we breath with. Our team consists of professionals in mobile application development from Russia - now you can understand why programming is genuinely in our blood and DNA. Thus, we strive to bring innovations and quality programming to Down Under.

When we say “we love coding”, we really mean it. Our team is truly passionate about brand-new technologies, versatile programming practices, and we are always open for new exciting projects. Our specialists are fully committed to the satisfaction of our clients, therefore, we take as much care about the details as possible, and never disappear after the work is finished so as to make sure your mobile app functions perfectly.


Dmitrii Zverev

iOS Ninja

Kennedy Peolwane

Design Wizzard

Ilja Troy

Backend Architect

Nina Semkina

Android Artist

Dmitry Abramichev

Android Guru

We Are Experts

Mobile Development

We strongly believe in native development so we can 100% sure that your application works as expected, always updated and use the latest and the best technologies and languages. We are experts in that.


We'll be tapping, swiping and pushing until every last bug is fixed. We'll make sure that your mobile app is in top shape for its app store launch and that it will make good on its promise. No bug will go undetected.

Backend Solutions

Our backend developers build an app on the server side using the language what suits the best for your project. This backend app lets your frontend app’s API interface with the database.

UX design

We build prototypes, making sure that the app’s look and feel are native to the platform and deliver a positive user experience.

UI design

User interfaces we design are convenient, simple, and comprehensible. We focus on striking a balance between app design and functionality.

Research and Planning

We spend lots of time finding the optimal solutions to make sure your service will always work perfectly and it will be easy to maintain in future.

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