Role Developing a mobile application
Company Lomobii Pty Ltd

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Wotslocal is a fast, fun and safe way to buy, sell, share news, events and recommendations with your local neighbourhood or community. An easy way to find local specials and pre loved items nearby. Create your own personal shop that others can follow.

Buy and sell items locally with 8 second video segments, images or both. Post your items for sale to other social networks to help sell them faster.

Engage with your community on the "Notice Board"to ask a question or discuss topics relevant to where you live. Make a recommendation for local businesses or services, search for one by someone else with "Recomendo".

If you have a small local business you can share your specials daily to your community! Set up a mobile store in less than a minute (to support your website). It's easy to promote your services to other social media platforms.

No longer on AppStore...

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